Spring Is Here!

Rides Across Our Hub Neighborhoods Will Be Starting Soon

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Volunteering Your Time as a Pilot for Cycling Without Age

We’re a little biased, but we can’t imagine many other activities as rewarding as taking a passenger out for a ride in a trishaw.

Our e-bike trishaws are easy to drive and we’ll train you after you contact us by phone or email.  After being trained, you will use our website to indicate the date and times you’re willing to pilot.  Once a passenger books a ride, you’ll get an email with the details and you take it from there.

As either a pilot or passenger, you can expect your time riding together sightseeing or getting groceries to be a highlight of your day because there’s a certain magic that bicycling and friendship bring about.  It’s almost a guarantee that the end of the ride will find you both smiling from ear to ear.

Where are we Providing Rides?

Our current 2024 plan is to provide rides in four different Hub Neighborhoods:

  1. Minneapolis Northside Neighborhood
  2. Minneapolis Loring Park Neighborhood
  3. Minneapolis Seward/Longfellow Neighborhood
  4. St Paul Highland Park Neighborhood

We have two trishaws and we plan to station one or both at these neighborhood hubs on different days of the week.  As a pilot, you will find the trishaw at that hub’s parking spot, ready to go for your ride.

How do I Volunteer to be a Pilot?

You can choose from one of following ways:

Call Us

We’ll take your information over the phone including what Neighborhood Hubs you want to give rides at.

Email Us

Use the email address below or click on it and let us know you want to be a pilot.  We will get back to you by email to start the sign up process.

Provide Your Contact Information

Pilot Interest Form

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Pilots Drive Our Program

The first step in making a ride happen is you committing to volunteer at a particular date and time.  That puts you in the driver’s seat as far as when you want to volunteer and hopefully makes it convenient to participate in this fun and valuable program.

When you sign up, you will let us know what Neighborhood Hubs you are able to volunteer for.  Once we train you in, you will use our Ride Reservation Application to commit to specific upcoming dates and times.  When a passenger selects that date and time, you will get an email with complete details about the booked ride.

You and your passenger will take it from there.  There’s a wide range of ways to structure the ride, but for most pilots and passengers, simply sharing the joy of bicycling and friendship is a can’t-lose proposition.  You may choose to ride with the same passenger regularly, every week or every other week, or you may volunteer when you can at different Neighborhood Hubs.  Either way, we believe you will find this a rewarding and fun way to volunteer your time and serve our deserving passenger communities.

View Our Ride Reservation Application Tutorial

Pilots, See How You Can Volunteer For Specific Dates and Times and Get the Details on Rides You Have Been Booked For

Get Trained In as a Pilot

The Google Calendar below shows available training times.  Click on the time you would like to be trained and use the form to provide your information.  Training is currently done at our Carondelet Hub Neighborhood located on the College of Saint Catherine.

Once You’ve Signed Up and Trained In, Use the Ride Reservation Application to Let Passengers Know When You’re Available

On an ongoing basis, you will use the Ride Reservation Application to indicate your intent to volunteer at a specific date and time to our passenger base.  Click the button at right to go to the Ride Reservation Application.  This application is only for those who have received their application credentials thru email.