If You Live in One of Our Hub Neighborhoods, We Welcome You to Become a Passenger

If you or a loved one live in one of the circled areas on the adjacent map — our currently-planned Hub Neighborhoods for 2024 — we encourage you to sign up as a passenger.  Signing up is the first step.

How Do I Sign Up to Become a Passenger?

We need to collect information from you so we can contact you by email and phone, and know where to pick you up.  We will ask you to sign a waiver for our program before the first ride.  There are a few options for sign up shown below, pick the one that works best for you.

Call Us

We’ll take your information over the phone and provide details of our trishaw rides in your neighborhood so you can start preparing for your first ride.

Email Us

Use the email address below or click on it and let us know you want to be a passenger.  We will get back to you by email to start the sign up process.

Provide Your Contact Information

Another easy way to start the passenger sign up process.

Passenger Interest Form

3 + 4 =

What’s a Ride Like?

At right are a couple of perspectives that might give you a better idea of what a ride is like.  Click on them to see more.  The ride is moment to use as you and your volunteer cyclist choose.

You can use your ride to tour the Twin Cities renown bike paths, go to a park you haven’t visited in a while, stop for for ice cream, or be practical and go grocery shopping if that happens to be high on the list of things to do that day.  Our volunteer cyclists find the time equally rewarding because they are sharing their love of bicycling at the same time making simple human connection that’s so important in this day and age.

We can’t promise you it won’t rain or be windy but we can promise you will enjoy the moment in companionship, seeing sights from a perspective you may not have experienced in a while.  We call it an “instant parade” because the trishaw brings smiles to everyone’s faces, whether they’re on it or watching it pass by.

Have You Signed Up to be a Passenger? If so, You’re Ready to Book a Ride

We will match you up with a volunteer cyclist on a date and time they have volunteered to work.  Click the button at right to make it happen.